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  • Western Spaghetti by PES | Recurso educativo 110579

    Western Spaghetti by PES

    Ma Guadalupe Antonio Palmillas Docente

    • 4 lo usan
    • 1296 visitas

    Written and Directed by PES. *2009 Sundance Film Festival Winner *TIME Magazine voted #2 Viral Video of the Year *2009 Audience Award, Annecy Animation Festival

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  • Video: Ask an astronaut | Recurso educativo 57122

    Video: Ask an astronaut

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 2310 visitas

    In this TV show an astronaut answers several questions from the audience (there is a video for each question). We practice vocabulary regarding planets and the Solar system.

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  • Poll Everywhere

    Emilio Rosico Docente

    • 1197 visitas

    Audience response system that uses mobile phones, twitter, and the web. Responses are displayed in real-time on gorgeous charts in PowerPoint, Keynote, or web browser.

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  • Tips for writing a Blogspot | Recurso educativo 23351

    Tips for writing a Blogspot

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 2286 visitas

    The resource consists of a slideshow with an explanation with tips for writing a blog in We learn about audience, styles of writing, support, keywords, links, etc.

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  • One-Point Perspective

    jack oyster Estudiante

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1034 visitas

    Kubrick was aware of the psychology of symmetry and used it whenever he wanted to put an audience at unease. Which, as you can see, was often.

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  • Writing good emails | Recurso educativo 22980

    Writing good emails

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1583 visitas

    The resource contains a lesson plan (PDF version). We learn how to communicate effectively by email, taking into account the purpose and audience of their message, and the tone we want to convey.

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  • How to be a stand-up | Recurso educativo 65228

    How to be a stand-up

    BBC Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1103 visitas

    In this podcast we find ut that a stand-up comedian is someone who stands up on a stage in front of an audience and tells jokes and funny stories to make people laugh.

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  • Space debris - a journey to Earth | Recurso educativo 761969

    Space debris - a journey to Earth

    V&V Books Vicens Vives Organización

    • 455 visitas

    Space debris - a journey to Earth takes the audience on a journey from the outer solar system back to our home planet. The objects encountered along the way show the extent of human activity in space…

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  • Tips on Writing a Good Feature for Magazines

    V&V Books Vicens Vives Organización

    • 288 visitas

    Looking for some tips on writing a good feature for magazines? The key to writing a good feature article is to select the proper venue for your article and then to write the article directed at that audience.

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  • Log in | Prezi | Recurso educativo 97055

    Log in | Prezi

    Alba Mayol Docente

    • 1276 visitas

    Prezi is a cloud based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result:…

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