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  • Informing consumers | Recurso educativo 3952

    Informing consumers

    EducaMadrid Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1477 visitas

    Fish, molluscs, and crustaceans are a healthy source of dietary protein. However, consumers want more complete and understandable information about these products, more than 65% of which are currently imported.

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  • Responsible consumers | Recurso educativo 34400

    Responsible consumers

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1130 visitas

    Resource designed to help us investigate the way our favourite brands are produced and marketed, in order to become better informed and therefore more responsible consumers. We do online research on…

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  • Animals as consumers | Recurso educativo 26916

    Animals as consumers

    Skoool Internacional Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 3474 visitas

    In this interactive science lesson we learn about animals as consumers and how they are classified by what they eat.

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  • Protecting European Consumers | Recurso educativo 3954

    Protecting European Consumers

    EducaMadrid Organización

    • 2237 visitas

    The basic aim of consumer protection policy in the EU is to inform and empower consumers, ensuring they are equally well-protected across the 27 EU Member States with the European Commission working in…

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  • Making Europe's consumers safer | Recurso educativo 4581

    Making Europe's consumers safer

    EducaMadrid Organización

    • 1846 visitas

    EU’s Rapid Alert System (RAPEX) instrumental in ensuring increasing number of unsafe products are removed from the market Within an increasingly consumer-driven society, where the single market allows…

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  • Clever consumers investigate detergents

    Xtec Organización

    • 761 visitas

    Crèdit integrat per a treballar conjuntament les àrees de Ciències de la naturalesa i Llengües estrangeres. Els continguts són de ciències en anglès. Conté les activitats i pràctiques de…

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  • Europe wants well-informed consumers | Recurso educativo 4588

    Europe wants well-informed consumers

    EducaMadrid Organización

    • 1968 visitas

    The European Commission wants to help Europeans become better consumers, and is organising a lecture-discussion in Brussels on 29 June on consumer education. The report "Europe wants well-informed…

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  • Do you know what consumers want? | Recurso educativo 686633

    Do you know what consumers want?

    Ms EOI Teacher Docente

    • 4 lo usan
    • 492 visitas

    Joseph Pine has found the answer. Listen to his talk and you'll also be in the know. With Black Friday being just round the corner and Christmas less...

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  • Self-assessment T7 02 - The 20th century and the world today | Recurso educativo 585161

    Self-assessment T7 02 - The 20th century and the world today

    EduBook Organización

    • 559 visitas

    Match the rights of each citizen of the European Union: consumers: workers: students: member countries:

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  • Food chain | Recurso educativo 20987

    Food chain

    Sheppard software Organización

    • 2996 visitas

    In this website we learn about the food chain (producers/consumers, small chains, big chains, decomposers, photosynthesis).

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