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Darwin's Theories

This unit: Develops the keys to Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. Explains the concepts of Biological Adaptation, Evolution and Natural Selection, in addition to outlining the concept of genetics and how it works. Emphasizes Charles Darwin's scientific and historical significance. Encourages observation of the environment and research, awakening and interest in science.

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Secuencia didáctica

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    Darwin´s Theories

    Animation video explaining in simple language and through powerful visual communication, the key concepts linked to Darwin`s most famous theory: the Origin of Species through Natural Selection. Encourages students to formulate questions and do research on their own. Content related transversally to concepts posed in other units.

  • 2

    Graphic Material

    Graphic material about evolution and concepts related to the unit that can be downloaded and printed out. Can be used as the basis for games, classroom decoration, or visual reinforcement.

  • 3

    Darwin´s Glossary

    A Reference Guide that, in accordance with curriculum guidelines, explains the terms used in the videos and the other resources in a simple and easy way. The contents can be downloaded and printed out.

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    Darwin Poster

    Suitable for downloading, the portrait serves as backup for the student as well as a decorative element in the classroom.

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    Darwin´s Life

    A graphic chronology of Darwin's life that explains in an entertaining and didactic way the key concepts of the unit and Darwin's Theories. Suitable for downloading and printing. Very useful for working on the historical and social context of the period.

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    Interactive text of 10 questions to evaluate and review the main concepts discussed in the video. The results take into account the number of correct answers as well as the time it takes to answer them. The students can review their answers after finishing. Encourages the student to think in a logical way about the subject and helps evaluate his global understanding of the concepts.

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    The Uncompleted Manuscript (II)

    An interactive activity in which the students must place the correct words with the proper meaning in a text related to the video. Encourages reasoning and discussion among the students, the exposition of conclusions, and teamwork.

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    Classic board game that combines chance, competition, knowledge, and creativity. The students create the material with those who are going to play and apply what they have learned in the unit. This game develops manual skills, aids in understanding the concepts explained, and encourages cooperation and teamwork in order to arrive at results and valid conclusions.