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  • The Evolution of the European Union | Recurso educativo 41298

    The Evolution of the European Union

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1592 visitas

    This interactive map of Europe shows the evolution of the European Union (EU) over the years, since 1957 until 2007. The info graphic indicates when the various member states joined, if we drag the…

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  • True/false. Map reading

    EduBook Organización

    • 977 visitas

    Indicate whether the following statements about maps are true or false: To successfully read a map we need a scale and a key. Maps use two types of scale: a numeric scale and a graphic scale. The key…

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  • Let's Talk about Chemistry | Recurso educativo 91531

    Let's Talk about Chemistry

    Arantxa Unzueta Familiar

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1296 visitas

    Have you ever wondered what things are made of? “Let’s Talk About Chemistry” invites us to ask ourselves what all things around us are made of, to introduce the concept of matter. With the help of…

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  • The representation of the Earth: maps | Recurso educativo 419186

    The representation of the Earth: maps

    EduBook Organización

    • 1015 visitas

    2.1. Maps Maps are flat representations of the Earth's surface. To read and interpret a map we need to know its basic elements: scale and conventional signs. Scale Scale indicates how many times the…

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  • Identify. Demographic concepts | Recurso educativo 567691

    Identify. Demographic concepts

    EduBook Organización

    • 656 visitas

    Match each definition with a concept: Graphic representation of the population of a place at a particular moment, in terms of gender and age. Difference between the people who come to live in a place…

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