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Mystery in San Francisco

0. Introduction
P. Project on the web
1. Washington Square
2. The Face at the Window
3. The Stewart Mansion
D. A Guide to San Francisco
4. Chinese New Year
5. A Mysterious Magician
6. The Game
D. Natural Resources and Pollution
7. The Police Station
8. The Secret Formula
E. Exit Test

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  • 1. Introduction

    The story you are going to read takes place in San Francisco, California. San Francisco is a beautiful city on the Pacific Ocean. It is on a peninsula. San Francisco is on the St Andreas fault line.1 This means that sometimes there are earthquakes2 in San Francisco. A big earthquake in 1906 almost destroyed the city. The last serious earthquake was in 1989. It doesn’t rain much and it is often foggy. [...]

  • 2. Project on the web

    Visit the following websites address to find out more information about the city:

  • 3. Washington Square

    Jim Reilly was fourteen years old and he lived in the beautiful city of San Francisco in California. He was short, thin and wore glasses. He had brown hair and blue eyes. His mother died when he was six years old and his father lived in another city. Jim lived with his grandfather. This was his first year in high school and he liked it a lot. His favorite subject was science. [...]

  • 4. The Face at the Window

  • 5. The Stewart Mansion

    After the movies the two boys went to eat an ice-cream at Pier 39. It was a beautiful night. They stopped and looked at Alcatraz Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Jim told Brian about the face at the window. “What?” said Brian. “I don’t believe it. I want to come with you next week. I want to see her, too.” “Really? That’s great,” said Jim. “It’s a strange place. I’m always a little afraid when I go alone. Let’s go together soon. [...]

  • 6. A Guide to San Francisco

    San Francisco is an international center for business, education, science and the arts. Thousands of tourists visit the city every year because there are many interesting places to see. San Francisco is a very cosmopolitan city; people from all over the world live there. There are a lot of multicultural neighborhoods. Chinatown is a very big, colorful Chinese neighborhood on Grant Avenue. The streets here are narrow. [...]

  • 7. Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year

  • 8. A Mysterious Magician

    A Mysterious Magician

  • 9. The Game

    One afternoon Susan took the Moreno children to Washington Square. They played in the small playground. Then they went to the duck pond. The children liked feeding the ducks in the pond. But the ducks were not hungry. “Susie, why aren’t the ducks eating the bread?” asked little Sally Moreno. “I don’t know. It’s strange. They’re usually hungry. The fish aren’t hungry either,” said Susan. “Well, it’s half past five and it’s time to go home. [...]

  • 10. Natural Resources and Pollution

    Natural resources are the most important things on our planet. We cannot live without them. There are many kinds of natural resources: light, air, water, soil, plants and wildlife are all natural resources. Water is an essential natural resource. Water is becoming scarce and many people continue to waste1 it, especially in Western countries. In many countries people do not have enough. [...]

  • 11. The Police Station

    The Police Station

  • 12. The Secret Formula

    The Secret Formula

  • 13. Exit Test

    Exit Test

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