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The Jungle Book

A. About the Author
1. Mowgli’s Family
2. Council Rock
3. Lessons with Baloo
4. Kaa
5. The Lost City
D. Let’s meet some of the animals in the story!
6. Kaa’s Dance
7. The Red Flower
8. Tiger! Tiger!
D. India
P. Project on the web
E. Exit Text

Este libro contiene:

  • 13 secuencias

  • 78 recursos

  • Idioma:

    • Inglés

Libro de texto

  • 1. About the Author

    Name: Rudyard Kipling Born: 30 December 1865 in Bombay, India First book of short stories: Plain Tales from the Hills (1888) Most famous book: The Jungle Book (1894) Other books: The Second Jungle Book (1895), Captains Courageous (1897), Kim (1901), Just So Stories (1902) Prizes: Nobel Prize for Literature (1907) Travels: England, United States, South Africa, India Dies: 18 January 1936 in London, England

  • 2. Mowgli’s Family

    Mowgli’s Family

  • 3. Council Rock

  • 4. Lessons with Baloo

    Lessons with Baloo

  • 5. Kaa


  • 6. The Lost City

    Everything in the Lost City is very old. There is a big palace on a hill and a water fountain near the King’s garden. The houses don’t have any roofs1 and trees are growing inside them. The Monkey People call this place their city and run around everywhere. Some monkeys play with the oranges and flowers in the King’s garden, and then they fight and shout. Others jump up and down and say silly2 things. [...]

  • 7. Let’s meet some of the animals in the story!

    Tigers There are five kinds of tigers in the world: the Siberian, the Bengal, the Indochinese, the South Chinese and the Sumatran. Tigers are big, strong animals and they live in Asia. They are carnivorous and they hunt alone at night because they have excellent night vision. They are also good swimmers. There are only about 7,000 tigers in the world today. They are in danger of extinction1 and this is very sad. [...]

  • 8. Kaa’s Dance

    Kaa’s Dance

  • 9. The Red Flower

    The Red Flower

  • 10. Tiger! Tiger!

    ‘I have a lot of enemies now,’ Mowgli thinks. ‘I must go far away.’ He runs and runs until he comes to a village near a lot of rocks and ravines.1 He sees cows and buffaloes2 everywhere. Some boys are looking after them. When they see Mowgli they run away. ‘Men here are afraid of the People of the Jungle,’ thinks Mowgli. Mowgli sits near the village gate. When he sees a man he opens his mouth to show that he wants some food. [...]

  • 11. India

    This story takes place in India. It is a very big country with almost one billion people! The name India comes from the Indus River. Here is some more information about India. Capital city: New Delhi Size: 3,287,590 square kilometres Important cities: New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Varanasi, Bangalore, Kanpur, Hyderabad Important rivers: Ganges, Indus, Godavari Indian Flag:

  • 12. Project on the web

    Connect to the Internet and go to Insert the title or part of the title of the book into our search engine.

  • 13. Exit Text

    Exit Text

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