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  • Hector's world | Recurso educativo 29837

    Hector's world

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1489 visitas

    Set of animations in which we learn how to use their computers safely. The videos haven't got subtitles. We can download the storybook of each episode and colour in the pictures (PDF file).

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  • World birthdays | Recurso educativo 9605

    World birthdays

    Anglès 365 Organización

    • 1828 visitas

    In this activity we discover how people celebrate birthday parties in different parts of the world.

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  • World Costumes | Recurso educativo 17859

    World Costumes

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1584 visitas

    In this resource we learn about the traditional folk costumes of different cultures across the world.

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  • World pizza | Recurso educativo 30558

    World pizza

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1388 visitas

    In this online activity we build a pizza and learn where each topping comes from. We practice vocabulary related to food and countries.

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  • World clues | Recurso educativo 17390

    World clues

    Anglès 365 Organización

    • 1542 visitas

    The resource consists of a listening activity. Listen to each audio file and identify the country we are talking about. We learn interesting facts about several countries.

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  • World Heritage | Recurso educativo 50184

    World Heritage

    British Council Organización

    • 1252 visitas

    Once we have read and listened to this article, we can do a vocabulary activity in order to improve our lexicon.

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  • Natural world | Recurso educativo 40697

    Natural world

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1274 visitas

    The resource consists of a listening vocabulary exercise. We match audio with pictures.

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  • Weebits world | Recurso educativo 30832

    Weebits world

    PBS Kids Organización

    • 1328 visitas

    In this interactive activity we experiment with an ecosystem to find a balance between "weebits", their food, and the right climate. There are three different levels of difficulty.

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  • Our world | Secuencia didáctica 488835

    Our world

    EduBook Organización

    • 637 visitas

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  • Tomorrow’s world? | Recurso educativo 488988

    Tomorrow’s world?

    EduBook Organización

    • 486 visitas

    Tomorrow’s world? Today and yesterday

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