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50 Years of EU in the World

The 25th of March 2007 marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome. The Treaty of Rome was the cornerstone for the European Coal and Steel Community, and it is from the ECSC that the modern European Union emerged. A review of the past 50 years reveals an unprecedented success story: what began as the EEC on 25 March 1957 has grown into a union of 27 Member States which, after so many painful years of war, expulsion and suffering, now unites the continent in peace and ensures a level of prosperity and stability previously unknown in the history of this continent. For fifty years, the European dream has ensured peace on the continent. In a world of global threats and challenges, the Europe of the twenty first century will continue to tackle the current concerns of its citizens such as the economy, quality of life and security. It will also become a stronger global player committed to multilateralism - using its foreign policy tools of aid, trade and economic agreements to promote human rights, democracy, freedom and justice throughout the world.

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